Refreshing Renovations knows that home repair projects come in all shapes and sizes. That's why we offer Handy Man services! Billed hourly, this service is great for all the little projects you need done. From changing light fixtures and door knobs, to leveling cabinets and assembling BBQ grills... RR can help with it all!

Call 847-609-0970 or click HERE to learn more.

Our pricing is straight-forward and transparent.

The first hour is $89. The second hour is $89.

Each subsequent half hour is billed at $44.50.

We always ROUND UP.

(So, 1 hour and 1 minute will be billed $89+ $89= $178.)

(2 hours and 1 minute will be billed $178+ $44.50= $222.50.)

Additional fees such a ladders, debris removal, material pickup may apply based on your specific circumstances.

‚ÄčCustomer is responsible for all materials or reimbursement of material costs. Overtime hours (Anything above 8 hours) is billed at $109 per hour. Each calendar day begins a new hourly count.

No Job Is Too Small...