Our in-home estimates are completely FREE! Depending on your project, you may also be eligible to book your job (without an in-home estimate) directly over the phone by calling 847-609-0970. All we ask is that you respect Chris' time. Each estimate means hours of travel, miles on RR vehicles, fuel costs and in-office processing time. So, please be aware of the scope of your project and have realistic goals and budgets in mind. If you have any questions about the cost and feasibility of your project, Erik Andrew will be more-than-happy to assist you via telephone or email.

We absolutely do. Currently, we have discounts for: Seniors, Military & First Responders, Non-Profit Community Centers and Special-Needs clients. We also run early booking promotions and other sales from time-to-time. Click HERE to see what offers we have currently!

 Do you finance?

 Do I need to do anything in the permit process?

Of course you can! In fact, Refreshing Renovations pricing often reflects labor costs only. Depending on your project, a number of items may be "client provided". This gives YOU the ability to dictate your own budget for materials based on style, preference and cost. For other projects where materials are already included in the RR estimate, you may purchase those materials directly if you so wish to. In the past, a number of clients have used this method for dispersing the overall cost of their project through credit cards or other financial means. If you choose to buy materials yourself, RR will simply deduct the total cost of those materials from the final invoice. All we need are the receipts for those materials. Unlike much of our competition, Refreshing Renovations does NOT "up charge" material costs to make a profit. Our pricing is based on honest, current costs of materials, deliveries, and disposal fees.

 Is Refreshing Renovations hiring? How can I apply?

Is Refreshing Renovations licensed and insured?

Does Refreshing Renovations offer any discounts?

How long do I have to send in my deposit after I have accepted an estimate?

The wait can vary, but much depends on you and your availability. Chris generally does in-home estimates in the evening on Monday and Tuesday; and during the daytime hours on Friday and Saturday. From there, it generally takes about 3-5 days for your estimate to be processed and sent to your email. Larger, more-complicated, or projects requiring special-order materials may take longer to allow for more advanced research. Once an estimate has been emailed, you will generally receive a follow-up call from Erik Andrew within a few days to make sure it arrived in your email and to answer any immediate questions you might have.

Yes. We guarantee all our work for one year after installation. Depending on your materials, you may also have manufacturer warranties on various items for a longer duration. Click HERE for more info.

 Why are there so many line items on my estimate?

How do I secure a start date for my project?

 Will there be more charges at the completion of my project?

Can I hire Refreshing Renovations hourly?

No, Refreshing Renovations is not directly affiliated with any material supplier. We enjoy a loose partnership with Home Depot's Pro Referral and Menards. We are highly trusted by each. Pro Referral, alone, provides RR with about 2,500 inquiries per year!

A great team always has room for growth! Click HERE to learn more about joining our team.

No, we do not. Some clients have found it helpful to disperse the overall cost of their project by purchasing materials directly using a "box store" credit card, though.

There are really two reasons. First, Chris wants to make sure that you are fully aware of every step of the process in your project and any potential added costs there might be. Secondly, our crew members work directly off of your invoice. Whatever it says- they do. If it is not specifically outlined in your invoice, then our crew members will not/ can not do it unless authorized by RR administration. This, of course, could incur further charges. So, it is very important that your estimate reflect all the work being done.

How long before I can get my FREE In-Home estimate?

Simply, when a client uses a credit card, Refreshing Renovations is charged 3% for the transaction by the aforementioned credit card provider. Then, there is an additional processing fee from our bank/billing. Thus, to keep the overall cost of projects down for clients who pay via check, cash or Chase Quick Pay, RR does not factor these fees into our overall pricing. Therefore, clients who only use credit cards are asked to cover those fees.

What forms of payment do you take?

 Does Refreshing Renovations work have a warranty?

Sure. Refreshing Renovations strives to serve our clients in a way that is most advantageous. We are willing to work with you on any part of your projects. 

NO, we do not. All of our team members are highly-skilled full-time employees of Refreshing Renovations. We keep all our projects "in house" and completed by our own team. The only minor exceptions are: granite counter tops, hardwood floor refinishing and roofs. These tasks are completed by trusted, long-time affiliates of RR. 

Can I buy some or all of the materials for my project?

Our highly-skilled group on craftsmen have many, varied talents. Crew members with appropriate skills will be assigned to your project throughout. Depending on the scale of your project, you may have each of our team members working at some point. Generally, there will be one designated Crew Leader who will oversee the project from start to finish.

Yes, but it must be done prior to seven days before the scheduled start of your project. If cancelled or rescheduled with less notice, clients are subject to applicable fees.

It certainly depends on a lot of factors such as materials, permits and available crew. We do our best to schedule our clients as efficiently as possible. In some cases, if your project is small, RR may be able to complete it within a few days. Most projects begin roughly 4-8 weeks after an estimate is completed. We have found that an average project takes roughly 70-90 days from the initial contact to completion.

 Who, exactly, will be completing my project?

What kind of work does Refreshing Renovations do?

How long before my project can be started?

 Do you price match your competitors?

Why is there a 5% fee on Credit Card transactions?

Are you affiliated with Home Depot, Menards, Lowe's or any other material supply center?

Does Refreshing Renovations sub-contract other companies to complete my job?

Technically, you have as long as you like to send in a deposit. We do our best to accommodate you and your time frame for completion. With that said, once you have accepted an estimate you will be sent an invoice for your project. You will be advised by Erik Andrew at that point of a TENTATIVE start date. You have up to 6 weeks before that date to send in your 50% deposit. If you fail to do so, the date may then be released to another client and your spot moved back further in the schedule. Thus, you can continue to move back as far as you are okay with. Yet, to secure the start date you will need to have the deposit in within 6 weeks before. After that, that date may or may not still be available to your project.

 Does Refreshing Renovations pull permits for my project?

 Where do I send my deposit?

Yes. If a project requires any permits in your municipality, Refreshing Renovations will require them. Although some of our competitors may work outside the law, permits are really enforced to protect you- the homeowner from dangerous or unsatisfactory work.

 Can you pick up my materials for me?

Refreshing Renovations requires a 50% deposit to secure your start date on the schedule. Generally speaking, start dates can potentially move up in the calendar if other projects finish early, but we try our best to seldom move start dates back. From time-to-time, RR may allow a client to make a smaller deposit initially if booking in advance of over 16 weeks. The remaining balance of 50% of the total Invoice will still be due within 6 weeks of the intended start date to retain the scheduled date.

Refreshing Renovations appreciates the opportunity to earn your business. If you send as a comparable "apples-to-apples" quote from a competitor, we will do our best to match or beat their price. Please remember- not all contractors are created equally, though. RR is a fully bonded, insured and licensed company. Unfortunately, many of our competitors are not. Our pricing reflects the high level of craftsmanship and project management you will receive as our client.

Can I reschedule my project start date?

 Can I hire Refreshing Renovations to do only PART of my project?

Do I have to pay for an in-home estimate?

Where is Refreshing Renovations located?

Originally, Refreshing Renovations' was based out of Romeoville, IL. Currently, our office is located in Lockport, IL. We service much of the western and southwestern Chicagoland suburbs. Our service area can be found by clicking HERE.

Final payment is due upon completion of your project. Payment can be inform of Cash, Check, Credit Card (there will be a 5% fee added for each transaction) or Chase Quick Pay. Please make sure to make RR staff aware if final payment will be via Credit card or Chase Quick Pay before the completion date. At the discretion of RR, prior arrangements occasionally can be made to send final payment via check. We DO NOT accept Home Depot, Menards or Lowe's cards.

If sending final payment via check, please send to: P.O. BOX 7524, Romeoville, IL 60446

​You may also pay via Chase Quickpay using the address: Office@RefreshingRenovations.NET

Yes! We have hourly Handy Man pricing that you can learn more about by clicking HERE. Depending on the project, Chris may suggest that RR simply bill you hourly to better serve your needs.

If sending a deposit via check, please send to: P.O. BOX 7524, Romeoville, IL 60446

​You may also pay via Chase Quick Pay using the address: Office@RefreshingRenovations.NET

Lastly, you may make a deposit via credit card by calling our office at 847-609-0970. There is a 5% fee added to each credit card transaction.

The short answer is: YES! Refreshing Renovations carries all the necessary licensing in your municipality to complete your project. We are also fully insured in case of any accident on your property. You can take a look for yourself by clicking HERE. Moreover, when called upon by your municipality, RR will also post the necessary bonds to complete your work. Finally, RR team members are protected by Workers Compensation in case of an accident or injury. Unlike some of our competition, we take every step to ensure our client's and team member's safety and security.

Refreshing Renovations' estimates and invoices are created with the intention of being 100% accurate and complete. With that said, in your estimate you may find disclaimer and potential fee line items. These are included on the estimate to help make you fully aware of what sorts of potential changes to your invoice MIGHT be incurred once the project has started. The overwhelming majority of projects will have NO ADDED COSTS, though. Erik Andrew will be more-than-happy to explain these line items before you agree to the estimate.

Yes, but Refreshing Renovations will then charge you for the pick-up. This may, or may not, be cheaper than delivery directly from your material supplier. Please make sure that RR is aware that you are requesting a material pick-up before your project has begun.

Refreshing Renovations is a full-service home remodeling and repair company. We have experience in all types of interior and exterior work including, custom carpentry, tile, hardwood flooring, kitchen & bath remodels, basement finishes, fences, decks, insulation, plumbing, electrical and more! RR can help with home maintenance, pest exclusion, handy man projects and everything else around your home. Call 847-609-0970 to learn more about what RR can do for you!

Depending on the particular permit, you may need to provide a Plat of Survey or other documents. Refreshing Renovations gladly handles every step of the permit process from application to final inspection. You may choose to oversee the process yourself, but it is usually easiest and most efficient for Refreshing Renovations to take care of it for you.