• ​​​Deck costs vary widely based on many factors. 

  • New builds generally cost more than re-decking an existing structure, but not all decks are sound enough to allow for a re-deck.

  • Decking costs and appearance are greatly effected by the material used.

  • Typically, there are 3 main types of decking: Pressure -Treated Lumber, Composite and Cedar or other premium woods. Composite (Trex) is generally the most expensive and is offered in various grades. Cedar and other premium woods vary based on the type, but are usually a touch less expensive than Composite. Pressure-Treated (Wolmanized) is industry standard and the cheapest. Pressure-Treated lumber is roughly half the cost of Composite. Each of these types are appropriate for exterior work and are designed to last for at least 15+ years. 

  • Finished decking must be sealed, stained or painted to ensure durability. Costs will vary based on type and size. Composite decking, obviously, does not require such further actions.

  • ​Standard installation of deck boards is attachment via rust-resistant nails. Refreshing Renovations also offers an affordable (and superior) "screw-down" option. Please note: re-deck projects require a "screw-down" upgrade to ensure the long-term viability of the surface. Composite decking attaches via a series of specialized clips.

  • Deck builds will almost universally require permits and inspections.

  • Project duration can be anywhere from 3 to 30 days based on the scope of the work being completed.

Refreshing Renovations appreciates well-informed clients. Below is a quick list of important Deck facts.