• Bathroom remodels can range between $3,000 for a simple "spruce up", to over $10,000 for elaborate designs.

  • Customers are responsible for providing many of the finish features of the bathroom such as: bathtub/shower, tile, vanity, counter, light fixtures, shower doors and toilet. Refreshing Renovations provides all installation materials to get the project completed correctly including: concrete backers, adhesives, drywall, plumbing & electrical, and framing lumber. This is one of the ways that RR helps keep your project within an intended price target. By allowing you to decide the exact materials you want installed, you have complete control of the costs, which materials you will budget the most for and the style you want to convey in the finished product. If you ever get stuck, don't worry. RR is always here to help answer questions about materials, the best places to find them and what styles are trending!

  • Full gut remodels generally take between 8 and 10 business days to complete. Please be aware of this when planning your project, especially if your home has only one bath.

  • A full gut remodel will require roughly $2,000-$4,000 in customer provided materials, depending on the materials chosen.

  • Bath remodels are generally considered one of the best investments in your home. You can expect a return of roughly 80% on your investment if you were to sell immediately following the project's completion. More importantly, remodeled bathrooms garner significantly more buyer interest and help to push the selling price upward.​​

Refreshing Renovations appreciates well-informed clients. Below is a quick list of important Bathroom facts.